Heart and Home

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To many people, home is where their heart is! You may have planted a tree in the back yard, and watched it grow through the years. Maybe you raised a family in your home and watched them grow through the years and play under that tree, and eventually see them move into their own homes. Memories are flooded through the halls and rooms of a home, and for many it is difficult to have to leave. Everything near and dear to their heart is based around their home and surroundings they are acclimated to. This is why it is our goal to keep seniors in their own homes for as long as safely possible.

Our Mission

It is our mission to keep seniors in their home because it can alleviate the emotion of loneliness seniors sometimes feel. They can be in an environment where they can feel useful and needed. For many it can ease financial strains as in-home care can be a lot less expensive than long term care facilities. Seniors will get to live more independent with all of their personal belongings, live at their own pace and chose what activities they want to engage in all in the comfort of their own home. Family members and friends can visit whenever they want to, versus long term care facilities. When seniors are in their own home, they are less likely to be exposed to illnesses and diseases, which is extremely important to aging adults weakening immune systems. Growing older should be celebrated as all other chapters of life are, with comfort, and sense of independence, as much as safely possible in their own home.

Our Vision

Our vision is to give our clients Hope with open hands for Happiness in their own home setting where they prefer to live.

Our Commitment to you

It is our commitment to serve you with compassion, honesty, and reliability to provide the best outcome for our clients and caregivers.

Heart and Home in Home Care, LLC is licensed with the state of Illinois and complies with state guidelines.

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